Everybody Needs Somebody

Слова песни

   Girl I know you're hurting
   It seems your world is broken in two
   And there's nothing you can do
   Everytime you see him
   You just can't help but feeling the pain
   And you need someone to blame
   But where the love's concerned
   We're all the same
   Everybody needs somebody
   Try to live without him
   Just forget about him
   You can,
   and you'll love and laugh again
   Cause even though it feels like
   The rain seems to fall right your way
   And everything in life you hate
   Remember love will come to those who wait
   Everybody needs somebody
   When things go wrong
   Don't try to run and hide away
   Just hold on tight, you'll see the light
   Happiness will find each one of us one day
   Everybody needs somebody

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